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Combination machine

Perfection in woodworking with the Hammer combination machine. See for yourself the precision and versatility of the Hammer Combi and just how easy it is to make a high class rocking chair using wood from the Black Locust tree.

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Welcome to the FELDER GROUP

60 Years of FELDER - Woodworking machines from Austria

FELDER FD21 professional

Line Boring Machine

Hammer in nature

Hammer N4400 Bandsaw spot

Showroom Hall in Tirol

FORMAT-4 profit H10

Cabinet construction | Clamex-P

Felder AF12

Save Time! Chip Bag Exchange in just 15 Seconds!


Ceramic bandsaw blade guide

How to make a Wooden Bed with Felder

Learn a little more about woodworking with this detailed video on how to make a European wooden bed.

FORMAT-4 profit H08 with unloading station

CNC-Nesting - Efficiency in the smallest of spaces

Do It Yourself video: Producing a designer chair

Step by step we go through how by using a HAMMER N4400 bandsaw, a couple of hand tools you too...

FORMAT-4 profit H08

The profit H08 from Format-4 is the CNC machining centre for ­professional nesting applications...


The easy set up of the new Felder G330 edgebanding machine - the new space saver in your workshop.


With the new G 330 ­Edgebander, Felder offers you a perfect, professional ­solution for small...

Silent-POWER® - Comparison spiral knife cutterblock - Hammer planing machines

The new Silent-POWER® spiral knife cutterblock, exclusively for planing machines from the FELDER...

FELDER FB 740/940 RS

Band Resaws

The Silent-POWER® spiral cutterblock

Incredibly quiet. Noise levels reduced by 50 %!

FORMAT-4 kappa 400

The new Kappa 400, a lot of saw for your money!

FELDER-Group: Behind the scenes

Over 55 Years of Innovation - Quality and Precision made in Austria!

HAMMER K3 Winner

Format Sliding Table Saw

FORMAT-4 CNC Cabinet design

Flash 3D, the cabinet software. Planing and construction of furniture in a whole new dimension.

Perfect 710 “Premium” ­edgebander

Productivity, versatility and precision in one!

FORMAT-4 CNC-Software

FlashFrame - the FORMAT-4 Window-Software


Manual Edgebander


Corner rounding machine

HW-WP IV 78 Window tooling from FELDER

Manufacturing windows has never been so easy


Combination machine

FORMAT-4 CNC potential check

CNC will be the standard machine of the future. CNC removes limitations.

FELDER FD21 professional - working

High precision when dowel boring with the Felder FD 21 professional.


FELDER® woodworking with the sliding table  saw

FORMAT-4® profit H10

Cutting foam with c-tech

profil 45 x-motion

motion shaper with programable control

MF Spindle System

Spindle shaft quick change system

FAT 300

Height adjustable FELDER working table

FELDER Bandsaw FB 510 / FB 610

The mid-range professional bandsaws from FELDER

The great value multi-purpose bandsaws

Take an in depth look at the technical details and multiple uses of the Hammer N3800 and N4400...

FORMAT-4 H10 testing an Aerotech-Body

FORMAT-4 H10 nesting CNC testing dust collection results using an aerotech-body with cutting...

WorldSkills 2013

Supported by FELDER

LIGNA Highlights 2013

Silent-POWER® - Comparison spiral knife cutterblock - Felder planing machines

The new Silent-POWER® spiral knife cutterblock, exclusively for planing machines from the FELDER...

FORMAT-4 c-express 920

FORMAT-4 C-Express 920 is a cutting and drilling CNC-controlled powerhouse requiring only 27 sq...

Silent-POWER® - Spiral knife Cutterblock

The silent cutterblock unique for new FELDER, HAMMER and FORMAT-4 jointers and/or planers.

FORMAT-4 profit H10

Panel cutting, drilling and milling in any shape desired, all in one process!

FORMAT-4 perfect 608

Premium Edgebander perfect 608

Hammer A3 series


FORMAT-4 Standard: Software FlashSimulator

3D CNC real time simulation incl. collision detection. You stay safe!

FORMAT-4 CNC Special projects

Simple production of complex designs - the impossible made possible


Table Saw, how to use the sliding table

The new 500 Series

with Frank Klausz

The complete workshop!

Perfect woodworking results with combination machines - experience Felder quality and versatility...

FORMAT-4 exact 63

630 mm planing width meets every requirement!



HAMMER B3 Winner

Saw - Spindle combination machine